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Welcome to Air Conditioning Coral Springs

We at Air Conditioning Coral Springs specialize in solving all of your air conditioning, air ducts, heat pump, and monthly maintenance and servicing needs! Conditioning Coral is the expert to call at (954) 344-2530 when your air conditioning goes out. We specialize in home and commercial repairs or unit replacement. It seems like it is never a “good time” when your air conditioner quits working! When you need quick, honest, and affordable service, give us at Conditioning Coral a call!

Our goal is to do the job right the first time. We keep you informed at each step in the process so you know what is wrong and what it will take to fix your problem! We promise you we will arrive on time and treat your home or office like it was our own! Our fully trained technicians will give you an accurate estimate of what needs to be done and the price before we begin! No surprises! Our technicians are clean, courteous, and uniformed and will always respect your property.

Many times, when we arrive the problem is simple. We simply need to add refrigerant to your system or change the air filters. Sometimes the problem is more serious like a fan, compressor, or condenser may have stopped working.

Whatever the problem may be, we at Conditioning Coral will fix it and get your air running again quickly! Our technicians carry parts on their trucks for all the major brands. This helps fix your air conditioner as rapidly as possible!

To help keep your costs down, avoid major problems with Conditioning Coral’ quarterly maintenance plan. With regular maintenance, changing the filters (nobody likes doing that job!), and blowing out the lines can prevent major expenses! This will help your unit to run more efficiently and save you on your next utility bill!

We want to earn your business and give you a stress free solution! That is why we back our work with a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee! We are so confident that we will fix your air conditioner right the first time that if it breaks down again in the next 30 days, the service call is on us!

Call Air Conditioning Coral Springs Now at (954) 344-2530

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